About us

Wacom Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in February 1971 as one of the affiliated manufacturing co mpany of M.Watanabe & Co.,Ltd.
We are manufacturing and selling the quartz glass processed products and silicone rubber molded products.
All products are satisfying the dimensional accuracy, cleanness, and stability of the physical properties so that they are mainly utilized as the functional parts for the semiconductor manufacturing process.
We are confident that our products are supporting the technical development of such as IoT, AI, automatic d
riving device, etc.

Electric Material Divison

  • Silicone Rubber Molded Products (Sheet)
  • Silicone Gel Molded Products (Sheet)
  • Lapping & Polishing Carrier

Silicone Rubber Molded Products
Silicone rubber has the excellent properties of heat resistance, cold resistance, and chemical
stability and thus utilized for the various products in the wide fields such as electricity, electronics, medical, automotives, foods, construction, household, etc.
Wacom Manufacturing is supplying the silicone rubber molded products and its hybrid applications to the many industries.
Especially, the products for the semiconductor manufacturing process and the physical, chemical and medical application are manufactured in the special clean line which is considered the purity without contamination.
We are also manufacturing the various silicone rubber sheets using the dedicated molds, not only general sheets but also the special sheets which have the differential characteristics.

Quartz Division

  • Transparent quartz glass board
  • Translucent quartz glass board
  • Transparent quartz glass tube
  • Translucent quartz glass tube
  • Transparent quartz glass processed parts
  • Translucent quartz glass processed parts

Quartz glass has the excellent properties such as very high purity, chemical stability, thermal resistance, opitcal transmittance and electric insulation.
Therefore, this material is utilized in the various manufacturing industries such as semiconductor, LED, liquid crystal panel, etc.
Wacom Manufacturing is processing the quartz glass into the dimensional specifications to meet the customer’s necessities and requirements maintaining the high purity of quartz glass material.


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Quartz Division
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